Tom D. Morgan Profile

For enquiries & commissions contact:
+44 (0)7961 070779

Tom D Morgan is a freelance photographer and videographer based in London.

Tom has worked for a variety of clients ranging from reportage in Africa for the BBC to multinational corporations to produce images that consistently meet the required brief to the highest standard.

With work regularly featured in international press for photojournalism and used in advertising campaigns for commissioned projects, Tom produces dramatic images that are true to the narrative while remaining both emotive and bold. From high paced and ever changing conditions on location in India, to carefully constructed commercial material for esteemed beauty houses, Tom is both versatile and consistent in his professional approach to each project.

Tom also produces dynamic promotional, corporate and event based videos from a broad spectrum of subjects. Producing, directing and editing projects from conception to delivery, Tom’s love for the moving image is clear in his work. Applying photographic theory and aesthetic to his videography, Tom consistently works with clients to realise their vision while considerately representing the brand and company motif.

Tom works with a team of trusted collaborators including directors, sound recordists, animators and graphic designers to create vibrant and impactful video.