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By Carl Safina

"Magnificent . . . A cheerful, hopeful ebook. Safina offers us plentiful purposes to be enthralled by way of this remarkable old animal―and considerable purposes to care."
―Los Angeles Times

As Carl Safina's compelling typical historical past experience makes transparent, the destiny of the leatherback turtle is in our arms. The distressing decline of those historical sea turtles in Pacific waters and their fabulous restoration within the Atlantic remove darkness from the results―both confident and negative―of our interventions and the teachings that may be utilized, globally, to revive the oceans and their creatures.

We accompany award-winning common background professional Safina and his colleagues as they song leatherbacks around the world's oceans and onto distant shores of each continent, together with an exciting trip from Monterey, California, to nesting grounds in Papua, New Guinea. all through, in his peerless prose, Safina captures the fragile interplay among those light giants and the people who're taking part in an important position of their survival.

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One, sheer dimension. Being mammoth has much to do with being the following, and being right here owes much to being tremendous. the larger an animal will get, the fewer floor zone it has for each unit of bodyweight. A smaller percentage of physique floor uncovered to chilly water potential it takes longer for its physique middle to chill. the reason for this is that small Leatherbacks stay in hot latitudes till they develop sufficiently big. And that’s most likely why Leatherbacks develop a lot speedier than different sea turtles—to get large enough to fast commence venturing to their major assets of meals. Leatherbacks either preserve and generate warmth. they've got sorts of fats layers: an outer white-fat insulating layer just like the blubber of marine mammals and a layer of brown fats choked with blood vessels. The brown fats is distinct. Mammals and not less than a few birds that undergo chilly winters have related tissue; it generates warmth. No different reptile has something like that. One white-fat layer insulates their center organs, and one other pads their neck opposed to the chilly, like a headband. Leatherbacks’ circulatory procedure can shunt blood move both clear of the outside for extra warmth conservation or to the outside for cooling. That’s why the surface of a Leatherback’s neck flushes crimson whereas she’s nesting. In chilly water, they shut their shunts and retain extra blood deeper of their tissues. Mammals have a similar reaction, that's why you are feeling the coolness if you first dip right into a cool pool or the surf yet then “get used to it” whereas you’re swimming. It’s why human swimmers’ pores and skin frequently will get faded in cool water. A Leatherback’s flippers are the one skinny a part of an in a different way huge beast, the single half prone to get fast chilled by means of immersion in chilly water. to accommodate this, diversifications: One, on the base of every limb a Leatherback has a countercurrent warmth exchanger, to maintain the warmth within the physique middle and the coolness out within the flippers. It’s a heavily packed package of approximately seventy veins and twenty arteries. The outnumbering by way of wonderful veins, which hold cooled returning blood coming from the flippers, is helping make sure that they are going to trap all of the arteries’ warmth on their long ago contained in the physique. The arteries will hence ship already-cooled blood into the flippers. Leatherbacks additionally own a hugely strange chemical resistance to the results of chilly. In so much animals’ muscle mass, chemical reactions ensue speedier at hotter temperatures, slower at cooler temperatures. That’s why your hands suppose stiff and clumsy in the event that they get chilled (think of attempting to tie a knot with very chilly fingers). eco-friendly Turtles’ muscle mass, for example, paintings extra successfully at hotter temperatures, as you’d anticipate in any animal. yet no matter if a Leatherback’s flippers get chilled, it could actually proceed swimming simply wonderful at temperatures that may impair, or even stun, tropical turtles. In Leatherbacks’ swimming muscle mass, the cells’ metabolic response price is still consistent whether the muscle itself is going via vast temperature swings ranging among approximately forty and a hundred levels Fahrenheit, or five and 38 levels Celsius. additional, Leatherbacks’ flippers don’t freeze at temperatures that freeze the tissues of alternative reptiles or mammals (because of detailed lipids).

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