Download E-books Tracks and Signs of the Animals and Birds of Britain and Europe PDF

By Lars-Henrik Olsen

This superbly illustrated box advisor allows you to simply determine the tracks and indicators left through a large choice of mammal and chook species present in Britain and Europe, masking behaviors starting from searching, foraging, and feeding to courtship, breeding, and nesting. Introductory chapters provide designated drawings of footprints and tracks of huge and small mammals, that are via sections on mammal scat, chook droppings, and the feeding symptoms of animals on nutrients assets reminiscent of nuts, cones, and rose hips. The booklet then describes particular mammal species, delivering info on measurement, distribution, habit, habitat, and related species, in addition to extra particular aspect on tracks and scat. Distribution maps also are included.

This integral box consultant covers one hundred seventy five species of mammals and birds, and contours a wealth of attractive colour pictures and art throughout.

  • Helps you simply establish the tracks and indicators of a number of mammals and birds
  • Covers one hundred seventy five species
  • Illustrated all through with images, drawings, and artwork
  • ncludes informative descriptions of mammal species in addition to distribution maps

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