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By Erin Hunter

The mountain cats the solar path to a brand new territory, confident that during a land with extra prey, their lives will be unfastened from strife. yet whereas no cat has long gone hungry, tensions are emerging. The as soon as firmly united team has break up in two—and a tender cat named Thunder is stuck in the midst of a deeply-rooted fight for energy, territory, and regulate.

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Grey Wing, you jump,” he meowed. “Then we’ll determine how one can support Moon Shadow. ” The smoke from the wooded area was once starting to be thicker and thicker, virtually hiding the stranded cats. “Come on, grey Wing! ” Thunder yowled desperately. “You need to do it! ” at the same time he spoke he questioned even if grey Wing may deal with the jump. He appeared so shaken by means of the risk and Moon Shadow’s accidents. As a breeze fluttered the flames, Thunder observed grey Wing and Tall Shadow alternate a brief be aware. Then grey Wing sponsored up. He raced towards the hearth, yet as he leaped a cloud of smoke billowed into the air and he disappeared from view. “Gray Wing, the place are you? ” Thunder yowled. A rolling ball of fur landed seriously at one part. Thunder and his denmates darted throughout to discover grey Wing, his eyes streaming as he lay curled up within the airborne dirt and dust. He was once coughing so tough that he might scarcely breathe. Thunder may well see that grey Wing’s hind paws have been scorched, and the top of his tail was once on fireplace. Pouncing at the tail-tip as though he used to be catching a mouse, Thunder overwhelmed out the flame, ignoring the discomfort in his paws. All that concerns is that grey Wing is secure. “I’m fine,” grey Wing choked out via his hacking coughs because the different cats closed round him. “We need to aid Moon Shadow. He can’t flow quickly adequate to stay away from the flames. Tall Shadow ordered me throughout, yet she won’t depart him. ” Coughing overtook him back and he sounded indignant as he persisted, “What are we going to do? We can’t go away them there. They’ll burn to dying. ” Thunder felt a cat prod him within the facet, and grew to become to determine Jackdaw’s Cry. “I’ve bought an idea,” the black tom mewed. “But i would like a few aid. Are you up for it? ” Thunder nodded tensely. “What do you need me to do? ” “Follow me. ” Jackdaw’s Cry padded all the way down to the move and plunged in, crouching all the way down to dunk all his physique lower than the outside. He rose up back with water streaming off his pelt. His physique appeared thin because the fur clung to his ribs. “Get your self rainy like this,” he informed Thunder. “Then we’re facing the hearth to fetch Moon Shadow. ” desire flared into lifestyles within Thunder. in fact! If we’re thoroughly rainy, the flames won’t damage us. He jumped into the circulation beside Jackdaw’s Cry, ensuring his fur used to be completely soaked. His entire physique trembled from the chilly surprise, yet he set his enamel, made up our minds to do no matter what he needed to. Then he floundered out back and headed again to the road of fireside. Tall Shadow and Moon Shadow have been nonetheless trapped at the different aspect. As Thunder had feared, the flames remaining in on them. He may possibly infrequently see the 2 cats anymore. “Tall Shadow! ” Jackdaw’s Cry known as out. “Get your tail over right here! We’re coming for Moon Shadow. ” “I’m now not leaving him,” Tall Shadow twisted up in answer. “You need to! ” Jackdaw’s Cry replied. “Thunder and that i are coming via, and there isn’t room for 4 cats over there. ” Silence for a second, with the exception of the roar and crackle of the flames, and the sound of grey Wing coughing. “Do you promise? ” Tall Shadow demanded finally. “You won’t allow Moon Shadow die?

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