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By Fred I. Greenstein

From George Washington's determination to shop for time for the hot country by way of signing the less-than-ideal Jay Treaty with nice Britain in 1795 to George W. Bush's order of an army intervention in Iraq in 2003, the problem of who's president of the us is of the maximum significance. during this ebook, Fred Greenstein examines the management sorts of the earliest presidents, males who served at a time whilst it used to be not at all sure that the yank test in unfastened govt may succeed.

In his groundbreaking e-book The Presidential Difference, Greenstein evaluated the private strengths and weaknesses of the fashionable presidents seeing that Franklin D. Roosevelt. right here, he is taking us again to the very founding of the republic to use an analogous yardsticks to the 1st seven presidents from Washington to Andrew Jackson, giving his no-nonsense overview of the features that did and didn't serve them good in workplace. for every president, Greenstein presents a concise historical past of his lifestyles and presidency, and evaluates him within the components of public conversation, organizational skill, political ability, coverage imaginative and prescient, cognitive variety, and emotional intelligence. Washington, for instance, used his organizational prowess--honed as an army commander and plantation owner--to lead an orderly management. by contrast, John Adams was once erudite yet emotionally unstable, and his presidency used to be an organizational disaster.

Inventing the activity of President explains how those early presidents and their successors formed the yankee presidency we all know this day and helped the hot republic prosper regardless of profound demanding situations at domestic and abroad.

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Stagg, Darren Staloff, and Rupert Wilkinson. I additionally profited from the feedback of the members in a Princeton University–sponsored convention on management within the early republic, together with Lance Banning, Michael Knox Beran, Joanne Freeman, Alan Gibson, Jan E. Lewis, Herbert Sloan, Alan Taylor, and Gordon S. wooden. This venture has been supported by way of a fellowship for emeritus school offered to me by way of the Mellon starting place. That, in flip, has enabled me to use the specialist editorial information of Linda Benson. ultimately, Chuck Myers of Princeton collage Press has been a constant resource of recommendation and help. 12 Greenstein 137-152. indd 151 5/19/2009 1:17:54 PM 12 Greenstein 137-152. indd 152 5/19/2009 1:17:54 PM INDEX Adams, Abigail Smith, seventy seven, 108 Adams, John, 1–2, 39, sixty eight, seventy seven, ninety nine, 102; absenteeism of, 29–30; accomplishments of, 28; Alien and Sedition Acts and, 30, forty six; as “Atlas of Independence,” 27; heritage of, 26–27, 108; Boston bloodbath and, 27; cupboard of, 28–29, 31, forty– forty-one, eighty one, ninety seven, 109; baby rearing perspectives of, seventy six; cognitive variety and, 32, ninety seven, one hundred and one; Continental Congress and, 27–28; statement of Independence and, 27; deficiencies of, 25, 28–33, ninety seven; diaries of, 25–26; distinction from Washington, 25; schooling of, 26; election of, 28, 30, 32, forty-one, 108; emotional intelligence and, 27, 32–33, ninety seven; Federalists and, 28–30, forty-one; formal clothes and, forty two; Franklin and, 25, 27–28; Hamilton and, 29, 32; as “His Rotundity,” 24; key occasions in the course of lifetime of, 109; loss of strength of mind of, 33; as legal professional, 26; reputable positions of, 27–28; organizational means and, 31, one hundred and one; actual visual appeal of, 25; coverage imaginative and prescient and, 32; political ability and, 31–32, one hundred and one; approval for, 30; public verbal exchange and, 31; Quasi–War and, 29–30, 32; rhetoric of, 30; as Secretary of country, sixteen; Stamp Act and, 26; summation of, ninety seven; 13th modification and, 6; thyroid of, 33; Townshend Acts and, 26; 12th modification and, five; U. S. structure and, 27; as vice-presi- thirteen Greenstein 153-168. indd 153 dent, 28; volatility of, 17; XYZ Affair and, 29–31 Adams, John, Sr. , 26 Adams, John Quincy, 1–2, seventy four; accomplishments of, seventy seven; formidable courses of, 79–80; historical past of, 76–77, 117–18; cupboard of, seventy nine, eighty two, ninety eight, 119; cognitive variety and, eighty two; loss of life of, seventy five; diary of, seventy five, eighty one, 133n10, 134n12; schooling and, seventy seven; election of, 78–79, 88, 118, 133n7; Embargo of 1807 and, seventy seven; emotional intelligence and, 82–83; government powers and, seventy nine; equity of, 80–81; Federalists and, seventy seven; first message to Congress, seventy five, seventy nine; international coverage of, 79–80; excessive price lists of, eighty; inaugural deal with of, seventy nine; incompetence of, 75–83; Jackson and, 78–81; key occasions in the course of lifetime of, 119–20; as attorney, seventy seven; Louisiana buy and, seventy seven; Madison and, seventy eight; Monroe and, sixty eight; professional positions of, 75–78; as “Old guy Eloquent,” eighty one; organizational potential and, 81–82; Pan-American convention and, 79–80; coverage imaginative and prescient and, eighty two, one hundred and one; political ability and, 79–82, a hundred and one; as president, seventy eight– eighty three; public verbal exchange and, eighty one, a hundred; public provider of, 77–78; Republicans and, 77–78; as Secretary of nation, sixty seven, seventy two; self-critical nature of, 76–77; slavery and, seventy nine– eighty one; summation of, 98–99; exchange agreements and, eighty; Transcontinental Treaty and, seventy eight; Treaty of 5/19/2009 12:59:12 PM index Boston bloodbath, 27 Boylston Professor of Oratory and Rhetoric, seventy seven Braddock, Edward, thirteen Bradford, William, fifty one Braintree, Massachusetts, 26, seventy seven Brant, Irving, fifty seven Braverman, Lewis, 33 British West Indies, ninety three Buchanan, James, 54–55 Burr, Aaron, five, 30, 39, 44–45 Burr Conspiracy, 44–45 Bush, George W.

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