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By Con Slobodchikoff

"Slobodchikoff's ground-breaking learn" (Jonathan Balcombe) indicates us that animals have a lot to coach us approximately language

Groundbreaking learn has been performed educating animals human language, yet what concerning the wrong way round? reports have proven that lizards, squid, monkeys, and birds are speaking to one another, speaking information regarding foodstuff, predators, squabbles, and petty jealousies. those animal languages are specified and hugely adaptive. by means of exploring them, we come to understand the root of our personal languages; figuring out or perhaps "speaking" them permits us to catch up with to the opposite species who inhabit this planet with us. the consequences of animals having language are huge, immense. it's been one of many final bastions keeping apart "us" from "them."

Slobodchikoff's experiences of the verbal exchange process of prairie canine over twenty-five years have attracted a large amount of awareness from the media, together with a one-hour documentary on his paintings produced by way of BBC and Animal Planet.

In Chasing general practitioner Dolittle, he posits that the variation is one in every of measure, now not the giant highbrow chasm that philosophers have noted for millennia. packed with meticulous examine, brilliant examples and bold conclusions, this ebook will problem the reader's assumptions and open up new chances of realizing our fellow creatures.

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