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By Alan Green

This surprising and groundbreaking document at the trafficking and inhumane remedy of infrequent and unique animals exposes a complete community of individuals and associations extra drawn to revenue than in animal welfarefrom zoos and flora and fauna parks to unique meat purchasers and Amish farmers..

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A baboon at a Maryland zoo died whilst a customer threw it a banana it appears laced with strychnine. A deer used to be crushed to loss of life through an interloper at a Massachusetts zoo. deer have been killed by means of an archer at one other Massachusetts zoo. At a 3rd zoo in that kingdom, a former curator recalled his personal director’s after hours leisure: capturing the park’s peacocks off a fence with a bow and arrow. occasionally animals are bludgeoned to loss of life by way of intruders or tortured and left to die. monkeys have been stolen from the Dreher Park Zoo, in Palm seashore County, Florida, by way of watching for trial on grave-robbing charges—an initiation ritual for a satanic cult. “Knowing that he robbed graves to take a cranium, you were given to determine he had anything in brain with the monkeys,” a West Palm seashore police sergeant informed a reporter. The monkeys have been rescued, unhurt, from a small chicken cage in the house of the suspect’s mom. occasionally younger eland antelopes and different rather innocuous petting-zoo animals are shot via pals or passersby once they get lost the grounds. occasionally tigers, Amur leopards, and different giant cats are shot and killed after escaping from their cages. Even marauding packs of local canine were recognized to invade zoos and kill off complete shows or depart brutalized, half-dead animals of their wake. occasionally animals are killed by means of their siblings, simply as within the wild, different occasions through unrelated exhibit-mates. A guillotine door that closes on the incorrect second will occasionally holiday an animal’s neck. Animals brought into unusual, new enclosures occasionally panic and run headlong right into a wall, breaking their necks. Animals sometimes die in the course of castration or different scientific tactics. during the last 3 a long time, orangutans in household and international zoos have died from paint poisoning, billiard-chalk ingestion, and, in a single grotesque incident, wounds inflicted via a lion after a good ape escaped from its quarters. a minimum of 3 orangutans, together with one at Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo, by chance hanged themselves after they obtained stuck in convey ropes. Like different zoo animals, orangutans have died of problems from polio and numerous illnesses handed to them from people. occasionally animals are shipped upside-down of their crates and die prior to ever achieving their new houses. In 1989, 3 sea lions owned via the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo died after being transported in improperly ventilated autos, without veterinarian alongside to observe their care. occasionally carcasses are incinerated; different instances no awareness is paid to the disposal process. At a Virginia roadside menagerie—the one selected by way of the nationwide Zoo because the domestic for its retired herd of sika deer—an access on a federal inspection file reads: “Seven noticeable bovine carcasses have been positioned within the junk pile on the north facet of the ability close to the canines on chains.... The bovine carcasses have been in part dismembered, a few burned, in a variety of phases of decomposition. One carcass used to be seriously infested with maggots. ” occasionally animals die for no noticeable cause, leaving even veterinary pathologists to enterprise their top guesses.

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